Structural Divinity 1 – ‘The Rocket Hunt’

Standing on the back of Lion’s head, waiting for the sun to rise over the Indian Ocean and Cape Town is an appropriate location to begin our journey. The fresh, crisp, winter air swept up the mountain heavily laden with moisture as we saw the sun emerge.  Invigorated and energised we headed straight out in to the local townships with creative desires and fears boiling inside with equal measure.

After months of planning and research the time to start producing images on African soil has arrived. With the help of my new wife Birthe Hundven-Clements (a fellow photographer and my secretary, marketing director, navigator, location finder, doctor and co-pilot for the journey) and Michael De Klerk (local Cape Townian, old drinking partner from London, translator, chauffeur, rocket locator, and not to forget expert Chocolatier) we set up for the first documentation of many African religious structures.

Rapidly our mission became a quest for the architecturally weird and wonderful, with the most interesting churches often reflecting the shape of a rocket.

Here follows a small selection of the results.


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2 Responses to “Structural Divinity 1 – ‘The Rocket Hunt’”

  1. Eileen Says:

    Im feeling the crisp, moisture filled air, tasting the African dust and engulfed in the rainbow and mist at Victoria falls. With you all the way. Love the Churches, a bit strange would like to know why that shape? and does it have a meaning (the Rocket style).

  2. Juanito Says:

    Beautifull photography works

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