50 Years of London Architecture

An entertaining evening appeared to be had by all, as the champagne flowed freely and a fine selection of London’s best architectural projects from the last 50yrs graced the walls of Pall Mall Gallery. The guest speaker, Peter Murray, (founding member of Blueprint Magazine and Exhibitions Director of New London Architecture (NLA), Founder/Director of the London Festival of Architecture) delivered a stimulating analysis of recent and past architectural achievements of London.

My image of Clink Street renovation, shot for Edward Cullinan Architects was included in the show. This was a pleasant reward, as I nearly incurred frost bite shooting the building during early March on a bitter windy day by the Thames River. It was one of those shoots where you turn up and wonder how on earth you are going to create an image of value. The project in itself was composed of some fascinating features. Located next to the ruins of the 12th Century Winchester Palace, where James I of Scotland was wed to Joan Beaufort (niece of the then bishop, Cardinal Henry Beaufort) in 1424. The site and adjoining redevelopment are unusual combinations, but it was the light or lack of it on the North West facing facade that created a challenge. I arrived mid afternoon, hoping that just before the sun disappeared over London town I’d be privy to a golden shaft caressing the brickwork. Unfortunately this never materialised, so I waited patiently (loosing feeling in my fingers) as dusk drew in and the building came alive.

The show runs from the 19th of June and continues until the 27th of June, with the gallery open every day from 10am to 5pm. It is completely free to enter so head over check out this evolving city of ours.


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