The Pinnacle, London, UK

London’s skyline still lacks the drama of a great metropolis…but this is changing.

For many year’s the nature of London’s skyline has been tightly controlled to it’s detriment in my opinion. Gazing in owe out across cities like New York, Chicago and Tokyo one wonders why London lacks this architectural extravagance. The Pinnacle at 22-24 Bishopsgate, London, will be the tallest tower in the city at a total height of 304.90m when completed in 2012 and plans to rectify this. The site is currently under going extensive geotechnic preparations overseen by Ove Arup & Partners Ltd. The foundations will contain the largest piles in the city, being bored down to a depth of 48.5 metres below sea level, or 65.5 metres below the ground level of the site.

The architects Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates have designed a fascinating structure that will hopefully add a new positive energy to London’s skyline and I relish the opportunity to sit on Parliament Hill looking out across a city brave enough to take risks.

The Pinnacle, Copyright Cityscape Digital Ltd

The Pinnacle, Copyright City Scape Digital Ltd

3D Renderings by Cityscape Digital Ltd

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