Italo Rota, Toy Building 1, Milan, Italy.

Whilst shooting an urban regeneration project at Varsine in Milan for Ove Arup I stumbled across this fascinating Futurist sculpture late one evening. It is Designed by Italo Rota and entitled Toy Building to commemorate the centennial of the Founding Manifesto of Futurism. Unveiled at 6.30pm on February 3rd 09 in the Piazza Duomo, it stands alongside Milan’s most recognisable architectural structure the Duomo Cathedral.

The instillation is complimented with a sound scape by DJ Spooky an American artist, that resonates from speakers hidden within the angular form. The sounds initially draw you in but soon become overwhelming with a range of voices and abstract noises layed on top of each other resulting in a disorientation and confusion.

Part of the Made Expo, it will remain in the Piazza until June 09.









One Response to “Italo Rota, Toy Building 1, Milan, Italy.”

  1. Lynn Somerstein Says:

    Very enjoyable, these close-ups especially.

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