Rolls-Royce graphic structures.


This is a selection of images shot for the Rolls-Royce / I P Huse partnership in Harøy, Norway. The collaboration produces the largest winches on the market and ships them all over the world. Daniel Clements Photography was commissioned to produce an alternative angle on the familiar structures for a 26 image corporate exhibition celebrating the structural achievements. 

Blessed by fantastic weather for the 2 day shoot it was a pleasure to escape from the chaos of London to the peace and tranquility of Norway.


One Response to “Rolls-Royce graphic structures.”

  1. Norbert Kraas Says:

    Hello Daniel,
    “Not Ideas About the Thing But the Thing Itself”, is the title of a wonderful poem of Wallace Stevens. The way you have shot the above “things” is very poetic. Congratulations. By chance we have a client who is producing grinding machines to manufacture and sharpen hob cutters, which are needed for the milling process of these big winches. The grinding process can be seen here:
    Have a great day!
    Norbert, Tuebingen, Germany

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